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There are many, many differences between juvenile cases and adult cases. You need a lawyer who understands those differences, who understands the juvenile court process, and can help lead you and your child to success.

Juvenile criminal cases are much different than adult criminal cases

The biggest difference between juvenile court and adult court is that juvenile court focuses on rehabilitation, while adult court (typically) focuses on punishment. While the outcome of a case might include jail time, the court's focus is truly on rehabilitating the child, and doing everything that can be done to help a particular child – and that child's family - through a tough circumstance in his or her life.

What to expect in Juvenile Court

The juvenile courts in Arkansas will almost always try to involve the parents and other family members in the court process. Juvenile Probation Officers (JPOs) will take the lead in the case and make recommendations to the court about how it should best proceed with handling a particular case. Their recommendations often include individual counseling, family counseling, psychological evaluations (depending on the severity of the crime) and/or community service, as well fines and costs. It's a popular misconception that all juvenile charges disappear when someone turns 18. While this is usually the case, it's not always true. Make sure that your child's future is secure.

Hiring the Right Attorney for Your Child

Juvenile cases are as much about working together with the prosecutor and JPO, as well as understanding the ins and outs of juvenile court, as they are about understanding the law. We handle every type of juvenile offense and court case. No matter the severity of the charges against your child, you will likely need to hire an attorney. Make sure the one you hire has experience in these specialized types of cases. Your decision could have a major impact on your child's future.

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